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What is holding the world back in the tragically necessary move to more sustainable lives and a healthier planet. Well, certainly not because the need is not there. No, what is holding us back is that most of us who care about these things are simply not getting the message out. Yes, Al Gore has done his bit and it’s great – but as even he says it’s only a start. He tells us what is wrong and missing . . . but we now need to put some meat on these bones and move toward concrete actions and a consistent agenda that will make the difference.

We ourselves have neither the skills nor the resources needed to prepare the quantity and the quality of media support that is so much needed as part of the push to new mobility and sustainable cities and lives. On the other hand we are on top of quite a lot of useful content (and ideas) on an extremely important topic of high public interest, the urgent overhaul of our hugely under-performing arrangements for getting around in cities. And since it’s as you may have noticed the 21st century, there are a variety of powerful tools and sources that are there for us and others to draw on in the quest for a better understanding of the issues and eventual solution paths.

We believe that with our associates in dozens of countries around the world we are in a good position to work with media firms and personalities to do just that – get the message out! We have a portfolio of ideas for films, videos and DVDs, and invite you to get in touch to discuss. We are ready to roll.


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